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Of course, several international events have moved online to online meeting rooms in the past year, and many others have been canceled entirely.

Advantages of Virtual Conferences:

The advantage of virtual conferences are;

  1. You can hear directly from representatives in a more appropriate way without having to fly.
  2. The material may be spaced out or registered so that you can interact with it when you’re comfortable.
  3. Many of these activities are free of charge. And those with registration fees are hundreds of dollars less expensive than in-person activities.

Tech Events List:

1.   Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Gartner’s Industry-leading event, from May 6-7, will be a virtual conference.

This Data & Analytics Summit reflects on how the company can build a sustainable business intelligence approach that optimizes both data-driven strategic thinking and Artificial intelligence. From technological to senior-level plan, this conference is for everyone in the data analytics department.

2.   IBM Think

The IBM Think conference, from May 11-12, will be virtual but the goal remains the same: to be the world’s leading AI and hybrid cloud conference. It is the company’s global signature event. Think of the place where world-changing inventions come to life. The benefits of the user platform include viewpoints from the modern world, technological investigation, participation in the community, and thought leaders with a goal.

3.   DeepSource Next 21

DeepSource Next is a virtual conference that will be held on May 18, 2021, hosted by DeepSource every year that focuses on the evolution of unit testing and the experience of writing good programs. Listen to new product announcements, presentations, forums with some of the industry’s most influential figures, and fireside chats with people you respect.

4.   IDUG Virtual North America 2021 Db2 Tech Conference

The International Db2 Users Group (IDUG®) is the world’s largest fully independent, user-driven network, connecting millions of experienced Db2 users from all over the world which will be held from June 7 – June 16. This year, IDUG’s annual North American conference brought Db2 experts together online.

5.   Interop The Definite Guide to an Effective IT Automation

This event will take place virtually on June 15, 2021. This one is for every company looking to simplify business technology and become more scalable. Audience members will gain a greater understanding of how to implement and how to build a plan to prevent expensive scope creep and deployment complications.

6.   Google Cloud Next 21’

From October 12-14, discover how the world’s leading businesses are tackling their toughest problems in the cloud, and know explicitly about their modern innovation adventures. The event’s format, whether all-digital or a combination of virtual and real-world events, is still up in the air.

There are other tech events/conferences too but these are important and beneficial to attend.