How Printer Work As Well As Story Behind It?

Printer is a tool or computer hardware that links to a computer system, printer function is to print writing, picture, or other display through Computer into paper and the like. The resolution for this device is known as dpi (dot per inch) which is mean the sheer number of 1 dot per 1 inch area. The larger the resolution means better result to the printing. we use this device everyday for our work, During this modern day era, there is a lot of printer available each with various capability and brand. But how does the printer work? Let’s look at this quick explanation how it’s works.

The printing technique is actually have been done conventionally in China at 14 century. The development who’s produced by China for producing an ink and block printing made a great influence on writing traditions. But, the development in China not quite as big like in Europe. It is because the writing for China alphabet is containing thousand of specific ideogram and too hard to put on printing machine. This thing makes the increase in china get not too big efficiency as in Europe.

In the beginning of 1950, the expansion for document printing keeps growing so fast. A business man and also gold seller Johannes Gutenberg succeed in inventing a new printing device technology. This invention considered as the most important invention in the past, but this innovation doesn’t make any major change to the world economic. As the time passes, this device get a lot of enhancement and today many companies produce lots of this machine due to our need for printing. Some main manufacturer for this equipment as you know already is for instance Epson, Canon, Hawlett – Packard (hp) Brother, Lexmark and many other.