DxOMark awards the LG V30 a disappointing score of 82, and we’re leery

The LG V30 has made its way over to DxOMark. The device manages a rack up a total score of 82, with an underwhelming score of 73 in the video department making us leery of the entire evaluation criterion.

DxOMark is one of the major photography evaluation outlets out there. There have been calls for a review of the LG V30 for a while now, and the device has finally made its way over to the platform.

The V30 was meant to be a return to form for LG, after the commercial failure that was the G6. While it’s an impressive looking device, it has received some flak for its display, a common ground it shares with the Pixel 2 XL.

According to the DxOMark review, the device does well in the still photography department. It records a score of 87, which is on par with devices like the HTC …

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