Smart Devices Featuring Motion Detection

Smart devices being introduced to the domestic market have done wonders when it comes to home automation. Home automation has never been easier! And it’s all thanks to smart devices that are easily and readily available to the domestic customer, at affordable rates might we add.

There are a plethora of features that are brought around by every individual smart device. Smart cameras for instance now come with crisp, HD quality video featuring two-way audio for users to hear and communicate from both ends of the camera – that too straight from your smartphones, tablets, or even laptops. Similarly, all smart devices are accessible through their mobile applications that are downloadable onto smartphones and tablets, allowing for remote and wireless access to them even from miles away.

Smart devices are also known to be more energy-efficient than their ordinary counterparts. That makes them a great investment into any home. One feature, however, that most of them come with built in are motion detection sensors. Motion detection is one key aspect that plays a big role in this energy efficiency factor, as with assisting in the device’s automation feature. Here are some devices that feature motion detection and how it really works with them.

1. Smart Lights

Smart Lights are great for the environment as well as for your home. Their energy efficiency is because of several reasons, the first one being that these are usually LED light bulbs, which consume less energy as compared to ordinary light bulbs.

Apart from that is the fact that some smart light variants come with built in motion detectors. What these do is switch the lights on or off automatically based on movement around the area. Some smart lights, though kept on, can even switch off by themselves if they don’t detect movement for a certain time.

And lastly, the fact that smart lights can be controlled through mobile applications, from practically wherever you happen to be, leaves no room for carelessness. You can be in bed and not worry about having to switch off the foyer light because smart lights serve as interior motion lights as well. You can also just use your smartphone to switch on the lights of your front yard if it’s after dark and you’re still stuck in traffic.

2. Smart Door Locks

Smart devices are not just great for their automation and energy efficiency features, rather also for the fact that they provide great home security alternatives to the usual alarm systems installed by security companies. With devices like smart door locks, you won’t ever have to worry about any break-ins or key tampering.

Smart Door Locks are great for the mere fact that they allow you to lock and unlock your door using personalized passcodes or your smartphones. Some even voice compatible, so if you have a smart speaker or a voice assistant, it can be synced to the door lock in order to lock or unlock with a single voice command. It makes it easier for times when you’re occupied and cannot get to the door to unlock it for whoever is outside. Certain Smart door locks come with the ability to allow for temporary password generation so you can lend those to friends and family whenever necessary.

When it comes down to motion detection, a lot of smart door lock variants come built in with that technology. It makes it much more convenient and safer and here’s how. Motion detectors allow for your smart door lock to detect whenever you (your smartphone to be precise) are a few steps away, and can automatically unlock the door for you. No fumbling for keys, no having to find the app to unlock the door or even punching in the passcode onto the keypad.

3. Smart Thermostats

Another smart device that does wonders for any household that it is installed in. Smart Thermostats are great to cut back on energy wastage, keeping your home cozy at all hours of the day and well, cutting back on the heating and cooling bills too. These are easy to install, and just like all smart devices, feature their own mobile application for remote access, including the ability to have voice-enabled control.

When it’s about motion detection technology, smart thermostats are built in with the technology that works in different ways. For some variants, motion detection helps in determining the room occupancy in order to adjust the temperature accordingly, while for some it can turn itself down to an eco-friendly more while it observes zero movements for a certain time. Some smart thermostats can even turn themselves off while no movement is detected in a household.

Not only is this beneficial for the fact that you end up cutting back on the energy that would’ve been wasted otherwise, but a hefty heating and cooling bill for such carelessness.


There are obviously more smart devices that feature built in motion detectors, but the three above are the ones that are most commonly found in households so we thought we’d explain how motion sensor technology works for them. If you’re looking to purchase any smart devices for your home, then head on over to and browse through their extensive catalog of smart home devices. You’ll definitely find something that’s worth installing in your home!