Top 4 Features In Huawei’s HarmonyOS That Makes It Successful.

Huawei’s newest in-house os, HarmonyOS 2.0, was introduced on December 16th, 2020.

This novel operating system is intended for smartphone and tablet developers ahead of the OS’s ultimate release in 2021.

Considering HarmonyOS is a two-in-one operating system, the new OS will still be capable of running Android apps.

This is because the corporation has been in boiling water since the United States placed trade sanctions on the Chinese firm in May 2019.

Several of Huawei’s operations were affected, from its devices to the tech it employed.

Huawei has been obliged to accelerate the creation of its environment.

Since the United States government’s regulations barred Huawei from fully utilizing Google’s Android operating system on their smartphones.

The HarmonyOS is said to possess many formidable features that will better smartphone operations from speed to network connectivity.

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