Buy Australian Boomerang as the Special Souvenir

Boomerang is one of the iconic items of Australia along with the koala, and kangaroo. As the souvenirs, boomerang is also one of the most iconic souvenirs to be brought from Australia other than fluffy koala toys, crocodile leather wallet or pens, tea towels, some special food and snacks from Australia. Why boomerang is so important icon for Australia? If you ask the same question, the reasons below might give you the answer.

  1. Boomerang has represented the Indigenous people of Australia who has settled down in the land for over 60.000 years. Boomerang is the main weapon used by the Aborigine people since thousands years ago.
  2. In addition, boomerangs have also played an important role in the mythology of Aborigine tribe. It is known as the Dreaming. It was the mythical character who was believed to have formed the hills, valleys, and also rivers by throwing the sticks during their hunting time.

Now, to find the boomerang in Australia is not a difficult task at all. This kind of thing has been popularly known as the souvenirs for people outside of the Australia. As you walk into the souvenirs or gift shops, you’ll find the boomerang that you’re looking for immediately. Here is the recommended places for you to buy Australian boomerang.

  1. Woodenboomerangs

It’s one of popular site which sell many kinds of boomerangs. One of the most favorite boomerang to be ordered by the customers is the one which the customer can put their name, certain text or even logo as they want it. This personalized boomerang is the most wanted one by the customers.

  • Aboriginal Art & Didgeridoos

Located in The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia, the place is a friendly place to shop, especially for families. The place also has wheelchair accessible entrance which helps those with limited movements. This shop also offers you products which are worked by the indigenous artists which mean good quality products is unquestionable.

  • Gifts at the Quay

This is among the three most popular gift shops in Sydney. You can find the main store on Sydney’s George Street, right under the Four Seasons Hotel. Finding boomerang in this shop is just a piece of cake job.

  • Australia The Gift

If you want an authentic aboriginal boomerang, you will find it here. It has 20 stores across Australia and an online shop that provide variant Australian souvenirs. Besides authentic aboriginal boomerangs, it also provides other authentic aboriginal souvenirs.

Since boomerang is the most historical and iconic item for Australia, then you should buy Australian boomerang and take it back home as your souvenir to keep Australia in your mind, though you are already in your homeland.