3 Best Bokeh Video Applications That you Must Try

Nowadays making a video of professional quality but on a low budget is possible. No need to buy video editor software which is quite expensive, you only need to use a bokeh video application which can be used on smart phone devices only. 

Apart from being cheap, the bokeh video maker application certainly has high flexibility to be used anywhere. This application can make the resulting video quality better because of the bokeh or blur effect it has. For more information about Boke Video Editor, you can visit https://rumusrumus.com/ The following are some lists of recommendations for the best bokeh video applications that you can make a reference for use. 



Blur Video

This blur video application by Alpha Project developer is the first recommendation. It has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times, making this application a great choice for making videos that have a bokeh effect. The Blur Video application supports Mp4, 3gp, and WMV video formats for editing. 

This application also has several excellent features that will support you to create a video with high quality. There is a freestyle blur feature that will blur the background of your video like a professional video. There is also an Instagram No Crop feature which will blur the sides of the video to form a square. 


One of the most popular bokeh video applications is After Focus. By using this application you can make a video like using a DSLR camera by only editing the focus area. The results of the editing also look real and smooth. 

Apart from videos, you can use the After-Focus application to do image editing. This application provides several features that will help you produce a video like a professional video. There is also a filter effect that functions to increase or decrease the background light of the bokeh effect. 

The After-Focus application has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has received many positive reviews from its users. 


One of the bokeh video applications that gets the most positive reviews from its users is Videoshop. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and rated 4.7 on the playstore making this app a must-have for your reference. 

Several features that support you to create videos of the highest quality are available in this application. The feature of adding music, slow motion, adding filters, and making bokeh effects can be used for free. However, there are some features that are still locked because you have to upgrade to the premium version to use them. 

After the entire editing process is complete, you can save it on a smartphone device or directly share it via several social media to email that is connected to this application. 

The recommendations for some of the bokeh video applications above can be a reference for you to make a video with a blur effect. Of course, these applications have their respective advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your taste or needs as needed in the video.